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about bcmf cephalonia

The Boutique Classical Music Festival of Cephalonia adheres to the special traits of its history of the Eva TIPALDO Foresti legacy and tradition in cooperation with its Sponsors so as to bring out the best in Music. Events of a range of classical music till contemporary music as well as of an Ionian scent in combination with the specific boutique standards such as its location prerequisite, the history of the Villa, its trait of free to join and participate character, its mentality of embracing growth, its performers's formulas, making the most of its setting, its vast repertoire events are all there to consist the difference, only one factor can best describe bringing out the most of Music...and that is quality!

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All About our history

The BCMF of Cephalonia located in the Forestata area was established in August 2021 in the Anniversary Year for Greece thanks to the vision of Ezeni Athans attached to her family's music tradition and to Forestata's historical background. Its aim is to be communicating Music and to be giving opportunities to Musicians worldwide as well as to Musicians coming from the Ionian Islands so as to bring forward also the Ionian Music tradition and its past Composers. The BCMF Gold Sponsors DPS Construction&Design KEMEAN and Foresteva Studios have succeeded in making the BCMF stand to its aims and goals also for future events. The BCMF is to be held annually.

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